My Journey

Welcome!  My name is Jennifer Bray and long ago I struggled with many of the same battles you are struggling with now.  In the past I would try every diet out there from choking down a Slim Fast shake for lunch all the way to only eating cabbage soup for every meal.  I remember feeling starved and drained of energy all the time.  I would stick to one of these “new” diets for a few days, maybe even a week, to only end up driving through the Jack In The Box line to get the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with a side of loaded potato wedges.  But this is not where it stopped for me.  I would then stop by the store to pick up a ½ gallon of chocolate chip ice cream for the weekend.  It would be gone by Sunday night without hesitation. 

I would begin to feel so bad about myself by Monday morning that I would start the cycle all over again but I would add in torturous workouts to burn off my indulgences.  At the time I didn’t know you couldn’t burn off a bad diet nor did I think one weekend of binging was a problem.  I would continue down this path for years never realizing I had a problem with “dieting”!

It took me hitting rock bottom one morning when I stepped on the scale and realized I wasn’t far from reaching more than what my husband weighed.  I mean his clothes were just starting to fit me comfortably.  This is when I KNEW something had to change!  I had to change!  My excuses were no longer serving me a purpose.

I ditched the yo-yo diets and cutting out sugars, carbs, and avoiding all processed foods to actually learning to love food.  To not fear food as if it was going to make me fat!  I found a love for food and how it made me feel and with it came the passion to move my body with workouts I actually enjoyed.

After losing 70lbs, I realized my journey inspired me more than I thought possible.  You see, I knew I wasn’t the only one out there that felt so alone in her own body.  I knew I wasn’t the only one who stood in front of the mirror and just cried.  I felt that I needed to help others move past the fears they were holding onto inside, to help others move past the self sabotaging negative talks, and to begin to love themselves again by not living in fear.

So here I am today, building a blog full of all the tips, guidance, and information I learned along the way to help inspire you to live your fullest life.