It is a little ironic that losing weight seems to be so difficult, especially when there are so many options out there to help you lose the weight for good. It has become one of the biggest decisions you make as you try to become a healthier version of yourself. But it shouldn’t be this hard or time consuming. It is not like you are buying a new car or is it?

When you set out to buy a new car you begin to research all the amazing features each car has. What are the safety features? What is the gas mileage? How comfortable will I be and my passengers? How much cargo space is there? Will my husband have leg room? There are so many things to consider and one never enters this major purchase without caution but when we try to lose weight, we jump all in on any plan that promises us results.

“Eat whatever you want and still lose weight!”
“Block the digestion of carbs and fats!”
“Lose 20lbs in 2 weeks!”
“Apply and watch the fat melt away!”
“Drink this to burn fat!”
“Lose 6 inches off your stomach in 30 days!”

Listen I hate to be the straw that broke the camel’s back here, but if these things really worked and I mean really worked, do you think the average American could actually afford it for only $29 a month? No! These things would cost thousands of dollars and only be sold to the elite group of royalty and the wealthy. We could not afford it if the claims were true.

If your curiosity still has you eager to hand over your credit card to Sherry promising you results within 30 days, then I want to provide you with a few red flags before you are scammed into the next fad diet and waste all of your time only to end up right back where you started.

How to spot a scam before it’s too late!

1. You need to purchase ANY products or supplements to achieve results!

The thing is you actually do not need to purchase one single product to achieve results. All you need to purchase is vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and a few other essentials like your favorite snacks from your local grocery store. Everything you need to lose weight can be found at any market or grocery store in your hometown.

2. Make a promise or guarantee that you will lose weight or inches in a short amount of time!

There is no promise or guarantee that you will lose weight or inches because this all comes down to your effort in the kitchen and in your daily movements. You cannot achieve results unless you change the habits and routines you already have in place. Plus to promise you will lose weight within a time frame is a lie! Your body gets to decide this for you and again how much effort and consistency you are willing to devote is what determines the time frame.

3. Exercise is not required!

Now this claim is somewhat true. You actually don’t need exercise to lose weight but this also means you will not build any muscle to achieve the toned defined look. Your skin will begin to sag and feel soft as you lose weight instead of firm and toned. Exercise is not required but it does change how your body looks as you lose weight.

4. Claims it is the only way!

There is no such thing as one size fits all! Your diet needs to fit your lifestyle and your beliefs. If you do not want to cut out carbs, then don’t do it. If you don’t like black coffee, then add some creamer to it. If you like to eat out, then don’t choose a plan that makes this difficult. There is more than one way to lose weight and it’s all about what you can adhere to long term.

5. Lose weight forever…you will never need to diet again!

If only this claim were true but sadly it’s not. More than likely you will diet again at some point in your life. Not because you gained all the weight back from losing it but rather your lifestyle has changed or even your body has changed with age. Hormone levels shift, stress increases, and your lifestyle can change which all can lead to weight gain or even your goals have changed. This all depends on where you are in your life and what you want to look like in each phase of it.

6. Blocks the absorption of carbs and fats!

Just stop right there! This is not possible because your cells cannot just stop absorbing carbs and fats. First off they need these to survive and allow your body to function. If you see this claim just run for the hills.

7. Promises rapid weight loss!

You should probably refer back to #1 and #2 here but in all reality when you lose weight rapidly, you are more likely to gain it all back plus some. Slow and steady wins the race in this category. Ideally one would lose .5-1lb per week and even some might lose 2lbs per week but this varies from person to person and how much weight you actually need to lose. If you only need to lose 10-15lbs, then your progress is going to be much slower than someone who needs to lose 100lbs.

8. Lose weight with this magic pill, shake, tea, or liquid gold!

Refer back to #1 again! Sorry but there is no magic pill or liquid gold that is going to guarantee anything except any empty bank account. The magic is already inside you!

9. Celebrity or Doctor Endorsed!

You know what makes any diet sexier? Beyonce or Cindy Crawford promoting it! Anyone promoting a diet is paid to promote it. You have no idea if they’ve actually attempted the diet or not or how large the paycheck was to attach their name to it.

10. Excludes any foods or food groups from your diet!

This is just going to set you up for failure! Your body requires a variety of foods to survive but your mind requires even more. Carbs are your friend when it comes to energy, creativeness, and your overall mood. Fats can help balance out hormone levels and allow you to have a regular cycle monthly. Protein is the building blocks to anything your body does. You need it and a lot of it to reach the goals you desire. The moment you cut out food groups, the moment you put yourself at risk for a severe binge session. Enjoy everything in moderation and your mind and body will be thankful.

The bottom line:

There is no secret to losing weight and keeping it off! It all comes down to a calorie deficit, time, and patience. If a diet sounds too good to be true then it probably is and you should stop giving your credit card to Sherry for her products that guarantee results. Your journey to fat loss should have an approach that works for you and allows you to lose weight in a healthier manner. It should be sustainable and something you can adhere to longer than 30 days. It is a lifestyle and something that should not work against you!

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