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Attention Women, Teachers, and Busy Moms Wanting to Lose Fat and Build Confidence from the Comfort of Your Own Home:

Reclaim the Body You Crave For Good Without Spending One Second in the Gym

Lose the Belly Fat for Good, Tone Your Arms and Legs, and Gain the Confidence You Deserve. Sound Too Good to be True?

My name is Jennifer Bray and not too long ago I felt flabby and had very little energy.  You may be feeling the same way right now. I tried every diet out there with zero success. Slim Fast shakes, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach. They are started with some results but inevitably I would fall off and be back to going through the Jack In The Box drive thru once again and ordering a Bacon Ultimate Burger. Then Monday morning came, I would torture myself with workouts I hated and would constantly beat myself up. That was no way to live and not a good example for my kids. I knew I needed to find a permanent solution.

One that allowed me to eat the foods I enjoyed and still lose weight. One that wasn’t driven by the fear of food making me fat, but enjoyment of food that helped me feel my best. One that would allow me to not eat entirely different meals than my husband and kids.

Once I found how to eat and fuel my body to be healthy and active, I no longer looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. I could finally look at myself and be proud of who looked back. I felt more desirable to my husband, I have more energy to keep up with my twins than ever before, and I did it all without restrictions.

If you are still searching for a permanent solution to fat loss, you are exactly who I created the Commit2you Community for.

The Commit2You membership community is all about providing an affordable monthly solution to your fitness and nutrition needs along with the accountability from me as your coach and others just like you in our group. Best of all, no gym required. Every single exercise is done from home. That means no packing extra clothes and showering at the gym, no lost time from a commute, and not feeling embarrassed about working out in front of other people.

Inside the membership, you’ll find video demonstrations of each exercise so you know exactly what to do, videos from me to keep you on track, and a supportive group of other women looking to make progress on their goals just like you. That’s just the start.

Since losing over 70lbs, I went from being a former teacher to a certified online fitness and nutrition coach helping women exactly where you are today get the results they want. I’m confident in my coaching and my methods because I’ve been where you are. I know how many balls you’re juggling from your career, family, and relationship with your significant other. Many times, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner for everyone else’s needs. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can have a thriving family, career, relationship, and still make time for ourselves and our health. We want to be around as long as possible to spend time with our kids and partner, truly enjoying our lives.

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Instead of a few Starbucks visits, you'll have unlimited monthly access to:

On top of all that, the holidays are a lot closer than you think. It’s already December and because I want to not only be ready for the holidays, but thrive and have the energy to TRULY enjoy them with your family.

I want you to avoid feeling gross and frumpy (I’ve been there) at the busiest and most stressful time of the year. I want you to have the energy for everything you’re responsible for AND enjoy your time with loved ones.

Avoid putting on the tight holiday sweater this year and don't miss your opportunity!

If you are unsatisfied with the membership or experience in anyway within the first 14 days of starting, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked. What are you waiting for?